Prayer Meetings

The St Marys prayer meetings are conducted on the eve of Holy Qurbana. Initially a small prayer group of 25 was formed in October 2002, under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Abraham Thomas.

The first official  prayer was held on  20th October 2003, presided  by  Rev. Fr. Varghese Mathew,  in which about 35 members participated. During that period there was only one Qurbana held on the last Saturday of  the month and therefore  prayer meeting was  held once in a month.

Now around 40-50 parish members attend the prayer regularly, which is undoubtedly a great blessing for all.  The meeting usually commences at 6.30pm and concludes around 9 pm.

The meeting starts with songs, Bible readings of children and elders. Thereafter a message is given by the chair of the meeting. Finally, the meeting winds-up with the evening prayer and refreshments by the host family. Special prayers are conducted for the sick and the needy.

We are blessed with the presence of many Bishops and Priests of our church.

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