Sunday School

One of the greatest missions that Christ left the Holy Church is found in St. Matt. 28:19-20. Here, He entrusts the continuation of His mission to His disciples and apostles – preaching, teaching, and baptizing. It only through this mission that souls are saved and committed to the Kingdom of Heaven. Sunday School is an outgrowth of this mission and one of the most important ministries in the Holy Church today.

The purpose of Sunday School is to teach our children how to live their Orthodox faith. Just as one would never cover a lighted candle, we too must never minimize the importance of the Gospel and Christian living. In Sunday School, children are taught about the Holy Bible and Tradition, which provides a strong Christian foundation for them to go out into the world and share their faith and do good works. Children are taught to witness their Lord and Savior in thought, word, and deed. They are taught about charity and participation in the life of the Holy Church. They are taught to make decisions based on what the God has commanded. For, as it says in Proverbs 22:6, by forming/molding/training our children, when they are young, in the correct way to live, they will not deviate from it later in life. This will strengthen their character and help then to grow in the grace of God.

Sunday school was formed during the Year 2004 with strength of 15 children under the leadership of Vicar. Dr. Benny Thomas was appointed as the first Headmaster.

Initially, the classes were held on the second and last saturdays of each month, immediately after the holy Qurbana. Children were divided in to sub-junior , junior,intermediate and senior levels.

From 2005 Mrs. Annie Jacob was appointed as the Head Teacher assissted by a group of dedicated teachers. Presently, Sunday school classes are held on each saturday of the month  at St. Vincent de Paul Church hall, and the current pupil strength is 35.

Over last couple of years we have been fortunate to have Rev. Fr. Abraham Thomas, Vicar of St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church , London and members of that church acted as judges for our annual competitions.

The annual prize distribution for winners of competitions as well as examinations is awrarded during the Christmas/New year family get-together. Christmas gifts are also given to all our children on this occassion .

During the last three years, our Sunday school children over the age of 12 years have attended the Orthodox Vacation Bible School at the St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church, London. This year we have had 21 students and 8 teachers attending. Our children have thoroughly enjoyed each visit and have gained valuable knowledge as well as making friends there. Sunday school teachers and children are thankful to Rev. Fr.  Abraham Thomas as well as teachers and the parish members for welcoming and opening their homes for our stay.

The year 2007 annual  competions and examinations  will be held during September and November.

Above all, our Sunday School program seeks to teach children about Christ and His Church and their role in the Church. Children are encouraged to live a life in the Church and grow closer to Christ, witnessing and spreading the love of Christ in the world they live. This fulfills 3 John 8, knowing that our children are walking and living in truth. If we want strong Orthodox churches in the future, the future generations need to learn about Orthodoxy and embrace it.

May God richly bless our children and utilize their talents and abilities to further His Kingdom in the future. Pray for us and the success of our Sunday School mission.

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