You can find below, a list of recent Kalpanas issued by HH Catholicos. Each Kalpana No. is a link, from

where you can download the pdficonpdf version of the same.

Kalpana No.05/2015 Garbo Sunday

Kalpana 249/2014   Perunal,Devalokam Aramana
Kalpana 248/2014   Elho Perunal

Kalpana 234/2014   Perunal,H.H.Baselius Geevarghese I

Kalpana 202/2014   Perunnal, H.H.Baselius mathews I

Kalpana No. 185/2014 Madhyastha Prathana Day

Kalpana No. 172/2014   Seminary Day,English

 Kalpana No. 134/2014 Pulikkotil Joseph Mar Dionysius Feast(Pazhaya Seminary)

Kalpana No.124/2014  Remembrance Valiya Bava,English

KalpanaNo.121/2014   SundaySchool ,Malayalam

Kalpana No. 127/2014   Mission Sunday,English

Kalpana No.106/2014 Pampakuda Perunnal

Kalpana No. 104/2014 They Are One Project (MOHE)English

Kalpana No. 98/2014   Parumala Cancer Center                                            

Kalpana No.88/2014   Bachelor of Missiology Course

Kalpana No.52/2014 Catholicate Day,English

Kalpana No.81/2014 Puthenkavu Perunal

Kalpana N.25/2014 .Perunnal St.Dionysius(Old Seminary) English

Kalpana No.24/2014  Garbo Sunday,English

Kalpana No.35/2014  MBC College ,Peerumedu,English

Kalpana No.38/2014 Valiya Nombu,English

Kalpana No. 26/2014  Thrikkunnath Seminary

Kalpana No. 14/2014 , Pazhaya Seminary OTS,Kottayam ,Bi centenary

Kalpana No.13/2014  , Pazhaya Seminary OTS,Kottayam ,Bi centenary,English

Kalpana No.001/2014 Perunnal H.H.Baselius mathews II ,English

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